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Welcome to Criminon® International!

Criminon (which means “no crime”) is an international non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to addressing the causes of criminality and restoring the criminal’s self-respect through effective drug detoxification, education and common sense programs. By making them responsible for their actions, people under the Criminal Justice system can become ethical and productive citizens.

Criminon operates a network of groups in 35 countries across the globe, delivering Criminon workshops, courses and programs in jails, prisons, parole and probation offices, courthouses and re-entry facilities, as well as providing training for correctional officers and program personnel.

On this site you will see that from Indonesia in the East to Los Angeles in the West , from Great Britain to South Africa, Criminon groups are working to restore public safety and sane values, assisting local, state and national level jails and prisons as well as the offenders.

Criminon’s programs address Drug Education and Rehabilitation, Character Building, Ethical Behavior, Literacy, Education and Life and Thinking Skills including Anger Management, Communication, and Parenting Skills. Our services are not limited to those in prison,
but are effective in crime prevention and lowering
recidivism and in diversionary settings.

Criminon utilizes the research discoveries made by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, who personally worked as a Special Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department in the late 1940’s. Mr. Hubbard discovered that every criminal career began with a loss of self-respect. When man could no longer trust himself, only then did he become a real threat to society.

As early as 1952, Mr. Hubbard began a criminal rehabilitation program with juvenile delinquents in London, England. After two decades of research developments, the Criminon program was born.

If this is your first visit to the Criminon web site, we welcome you and please read more on us in the "About Us" section.  You will find out about programs for offenders, training for correctional professionals, materials available to the public, and how you can sponsor someone on a Criminon course.

Please feel free to contact Criminon International at: [email protected] with any questions or requests for more information on starting up Criminon groups and restoring common sense values to society.



Criminon Results & Success Video

Watch an 8 minute video with successes from graduates of Criminon courses and with endorsements of the Criminon program.


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"This course should be mandatory. It’s turned my life around in a very important manner. The most important change is that it’s allowed me to actually stop using heroin — for the very first time in 16 years!"

- R.T.D

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