Learning How To Bring Out the Best in a Child

By Published On: June 16th, 2020Tags: , , 0.7 min read
Wife in visit to husband in prison

Successful Parenting Course

In completing the Successful Parenting course I learned how to bring out the best in a child. I believe I can raise a child who is willing to contribute to his family and become a valued member of society.

By applying understanding, patience and using the knowledge and techniques taught in this course to children, raising a child that is happy, healthy, loving and productive will be a joyful experience.

Additionally, during the course I was able to spot problems that occurred in my own childhood which if my parents would have applied to me, my life would have changed considerably and I would have been a better person.

I look forward to being able to use this knowledge when needed.

—S. C., Corcoran State Prison, CA

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