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Criminon Courses and Services

Criminon helps inmates, ex-offenders, and at-risk individuals in a variety of settings, ranging from on-site programs delivered in juvenile halls and correctional facilities, to correspondence courses that reach even into the new super-maximum security prisons, to workshops delivered on the ground to at-risk youth, and training delivered to gang interventionists.

Through these courses and on-site programs that teach basic life skills, Criminon helps offenders regain their self-respect and personal integrity, enabling them to return to society as contributing, productive citizens. Program participants gain a practical understanding of right and wrong and the satisfaction of ethical and social conduct—sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Life Skills and Literacy

Life skills are a key element of the Criminon program. We must provide the needed tools, training, and skills whereby an incarcerated individual, or someone in a reentry center, can learn, develop and lead an independent life in a positive manner. The ultimate goal of such an approach is the restoration of the offender to society as a self-respecting, productive citizen.

The curriculum of the Criminon program is composed of courses broken down into several distinct modules.

The Literacy and Learning Module

Self- Respect Module:

Drug Rehabilitation Module:

Life Skills Module:

Vocational Education Module:

The Criminon program accomplishes its goals through carefully planned courses and services. These courses give an offender training and skills to build a new life and handle barriers and negative influences in positive ways. The Criminon materials, including the common sense guide to better living, The Way to Happiness, help an offender develop a new set of personal and social guidelines, which lead away from criminal behavior and toward a life in harmony with one’s fellows. The individual is then able to replace his criminal code with a code based on common sense.

Community-Based Solutions

The Criminon program offers preventative programs, ex-offender reentry, and mentoring programs as well as in-prison transitional programs geared towards life skills and job readiness. To learn more about a particular program follow the links below:


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