Communication Skills Course

Communication Course - Criminon

Teaching How to Improve the Ability to Communicate Effectively

How often has a failure in communication precipitated a breakdown in relations or been the cause of violence? Too often, as most will agree. This course answers the question, is it possible for someone to handle any situation in life with communication alone? Happily, the answer is a resounding yes.

This section of the Criminon Program breaks down the subject of communication into all of its constituent parts, and thoroughly trains the student on each element before going on to the next, through a series of drills which increase the student’s ability to confront people and communicate clearly and competently.

The student is also taught to recognize where communication has broken down in the past and why, so that he can correct it in the present. And more importantly, he learns how to remain calm in the face of hostility or adversity, maintaining self-control and handling the situation with communication alone—and without violence.

Students of the course report not only feeling more calm, more able to tolerate others, they also say how much they simply enjoy actually speaking with people now, as opposed to talking to them before.

“This is a great course and I think that everyone should be taught these skills, because to me, communication is what makes the world go round. The lack of proper communication can scre