Criminon Florida Staff and Volunteers Outside Clearwater Headquarters

Criminon Florida

The Criminon Florida Center is located in Clearwater, Florida. Criminon Florida has established onsite programs in twenty-five correctional institutions and delivers correspondence courses to inmates in 100 facilities throughout the state. In realizing its mission, Criminon Florida has guided some 20,000 inmates through courses designed to help them make a fresh start in life as productive members of society. By training those inmates who have completed the distance learning program to be facilitators of onsite seminars, Criminon Florida is able to considerably increase its outreach.

The concept of “inmates helping inmates” has proven to be extremely effective. This type of delivery is easy to implement, it makes the program accessible to all (including those whose literacy level may make the distance learning program a challenge) and seminar participants appreciate the interactive nature of an onsite seminar delivered by one of their peers.

Criminon Florida and Florida Department of Corrections with Criminon Graduates