The Criminon Materials

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  • Learning Skills for Life
  • Understanding & Overcoming Addiction
  • The Way to Happiness
  • Personal Values & Integrity
  • Improving Conditions in Life
  • How to Deal with Ups and Downs in Life
  • Successful Parenting Skills Course
  • Communication Skills

Learning Skills for Life Course

Learning Skills for Life Course - Criminon

This course reveals the main reasons a person gives up study and provides specific methods that enable the student to understand and apply what he learns.

Understanding & Overcoming Addiction Course

Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Course - Criminon

This course covers how and why a person becomes dependent on drugs and how to become free of addiction and maintain a drug-free life.

The Way to Happiness Course

The Way to Happiness Course - Criminon

This course replaces the “criminal code of conduct” by teaching common sense values that anyone can use to live a stable and productive life and, most importantly, to regain and maintain self-respect.