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Criminon Washington DC

Criminon Washington DC

Criminon of Washington DC

Criminon New Life DC is a secular non-profit service provider incorporated in Washington, DC and is tax-exempt under federal and DC law.

Delivering a unique evidence-based program, Criminon New Life DC, provides individuals with real-world skills they can use to improve their decision-making and reverse negative life habits. Students graduate in a condition to be able to successfully navigate their reentry into their families and communities. They are also better able to take advantage of other reentry services such as finding housing and employment.

Criminon New Life DC has been providing its rehabilitative services for the Washington DC Department of Corrections since 2003. Prior to that, it delivered courses in Washington DC’s Lorton prison for over six years.

Address: 1921 Florida Avenue, NW #53101, Washington, DC 20009-9997
Telephone Number: (202)-556-3446
Email: execdir@criminonnewlifedc.org or president@criminonnewlifedc.org
Website: www.criminonnewlifedc.org

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