Restoring Self-Respect to Inmates in DC Correctional Facilities

By Published On: June 16th, 2020Tags: , , 2.1 min read
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“I would just like to acknowledge that I went to court with a Letter of Participation in the Criminon Program. The judge was truly impressed and said that she was going to look into making it mandatory for inmates to complete the program.

“Furthermore, I witnessed the fact that I have benefited tremendously from Criminon. I affirmed that I gained an absolute appreciation for self-worth, self-happiness, self-honesty and family orientation. Being as though my charges are solely based on drinking and alcohol abuse, The Way to Happiness Course has made me realize that I cannot achieve happiness or joy or prosper with an addiction.

“Criminon is awesome.”

K.A. – Female Unit of the Washington, DC Correctional Treatment Facility


“The Criminon instructors are a valuable asset to those inmates that attend Criminon, specifically me. I have attended 2 sessions so far and have gained a lot of character enlightenment from discussions and movies. I believe as the classes continue and I take more and more that I will become a better person. This class, especially the way [it is] structured to be taught, builds morals and principles.”

T.E. – Female Unit of the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program in the Washington, DC Central Detention Facility


“Criminon has definitely left a lasting impression on me. I joined the course while the class was beginning the 17th chapter (Be Competent) of the literature book, The Way to Happiness, a Common Sense Guide to Better Living. This book is definitely a must-read. The book is informative and will totally change your thought process; motivating you to be determined to incorporate these golden rules and virtues in your daily life.

“For me, this class has nourished my soul and overall being. It not only teaches you to love self, respect self, and care for your body/flesh, it teaches you to nourish your soul & become beautiful internally. Every chapter is amazing; and honestly, if one retains and practices these virtues and golden rules, they can not only learn to be happy & save their own soul but can educate others with the knowledge they learned and help others to flourish and prosper and be happy.

“We all want happiness (I would hope); unfortunately, not everyone knows how to achieve it! However, I can guarantee that if you read this amazing, life-changing book, happiness will be ‘knocking’ at your door.”

L.T. – Female Unit of the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program at Washington, DC Correctional Treatment Facility

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