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More than 10.1 million people are held in penal institutions internationally, with 2.2 million serving time in the United States. The problem isn’t getting any easier with rising crime and drug addiction sweeping the country. Something can be done about it, and it starts with you!

The Criminon Network relies on individuals like you to provide the support, training, and tools necessary for the implementation of the Criminon Program. We deliver courses and programs to inmates around the world. The Criminon program dramatically restores hope, decency, and safer environments.

We work with at-risk youth and take an active role in community crime prevention activities. Criminon graduates routinely return to their communities as ethical and productive citizens. We have implemented our uniquely successful programs across prison systems of entire countries.

Criminon, meaning “without crime,” is based on the discovery by author and humanitarian
L. Ron Hubbard, that the path to true rehabilitation is for the offender to “find out when he lost his personal pride.” Mr. Hubbard states, “Rehabilitate that one point and you don’t have a criminal anymore.”

Today, Criminon is active in prisons and correctional facilities worldwide, with thousands of inmates enrolled in the program.

Yet there is still a tremendous amount to be done, including Judicial Reform that supports rehabilitation and correction for real.

Your support is vitally needed in order to carry out the tremendous scope of this task: a world where there is NO CRIME.

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