Helping Inmates Overcome Addiction in Washington, DC

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“This is to let you know that this Criminon class is a way for me to change my life. To know that I went on for years putting poison in my body. I know that today I have a goal of wanting to change. I can actually look back at my past and laugh.

“I’ve learned that there are ways that I can deal with problems on a positive note. My bad behavior is not going to weigh me down any more. It is starting with changing my people, places and things that I do. This class has shown me the highs and lows of staying on top of my life.

“I can use the booklet in my everyday life.”

C. B. – Female Unit of the Washington, DC Correctional Treatment Facility


“As a result of my participation in the Criminon Program, I have learned exactly how and what I am doing to my body, my mind and my soul behind alcohol abuse. Criminon has also inspired me to be productive and to seek prosperity.

“Lastly, I have learned that the only way to true-blue happiness and success is to love myself first and treat others the way I want to be treated. Drugs and alcohol do not bring any form of fulfillment and Criminon has taught me this as well.

“I am going to be the best I can be. God bless you, and thank you Criminon.”

K.A. – Female Unit of the Washington, DC Correctional Treatment Facility


“The Truth About Drugs course has worked wonders for me. The course was so thoroughly informative that I now know why I’ve suffered from so many DUI’s by way of alcohol abuse. There is no way that I will ever drink it anymore, knowing that the long-term effects have definitely taken a toll on me and my way of thinking. It’s never too late to remap or reroute my journey in life and that’s the most important thing I’ve learned from The Truth About Drugs.

“I now realize that marijuana was my gateway drug that lead to me smoking crack cocaine.”

W. L. S. – Female Unit of the Washington, DC Correctional Treatment Facility

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