The Criminon Program – A Life-Changing Journey

By Published On: July 22nd, 2021Tags: , 0.6 min read
Life changing

Before starting the Criminon program, I was blind to a lot of things. Criminon opened my eyes to the fact that I am somebody regardless of my incarceration, and took me on a journey to reflect on my life. I now know that change and new beginnings are out there, one just has to want it.

Everyday used to be a struggle for me, poor decision making, arguments and flights. Now I wake up ready to face challenges head on and apply what I’ve learned through Criminon to my daily situations. I just want the readers to know that this isn’t just a course; this can become a real life changer.

Thank you for allowing me a chance to partake in something as special as this.

Eugene A.

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