What I Have Learned from Criminon

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What I Have Learned from Criminon

J.C. – Graduate Criminon Maine

J.C. – Graduate Criminon Maine

“I have learned how to better myself, how to look within myself, to continue learning about my recovery process.

“I’ve learned something from every course, most importantly the “Understanding and Overcoming Addiction course. Me, being a recovering drug addict, I got a lot from this course. I’ve also learned how to plan on continuing my recovery out in society and how to make it a way of life. I will continue to build a better foundation of success for myself.

“I’ve learned from the Communication course how to communicate much better with my family and with people in general.

“I’m making the most of my time here by staying involved in the programs and bettering my education. I have completed other programs here but my recent ACCOMPLISHMENT is the completion of Criminon of Maine.

“I would like to thank Jean and Chris for their help and to others that have to do with all my accomplishments, I thank you also.

“Thank You!”

Que yo aprendido de Criminon

“Yo e aprendido como mejoral y buscar internamente dentro do mi mismo para poder sigin aprendiendo sober me recuperacion do las drogas. You e aprendido de todos los cursos, y aprendido como pianeal y continuuar con me recuperacion y you que soy un ex addicto a las drogas aprendi mucho del curso que ofrese criminon que se llama entendiender y benser la addiction, you aprendido como sigir me recuperacion no solo en prsion si no en la sociedad y aplicare todo lo que e aprendido a me vida para poder tener exito.

“Y aprendido como communicayme mucho mejor con mis familares y amistades.

“Yo participado en muchos programas que ofresen en la prison a donde me encuentro y me receinte logro es completar Criminon y le doy gracias a Jean y Chris y a deos quo pude terminar esta programa.”

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