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After “Communication Tools” Course by RHF

Ronald F. - Graduate Criminon Maine

Ronald F. – Graduate Criminon Maine

“This course gave me the right communication formula to successfully complete the cycle of communication.  Also I learned how to have a two-way communication and avoid one-way, incomplete cycles.

“The Training Drills were very helpful and the coaching tools also.  They enabled me to help others to learn to communicate properly.  I learned to be comfortable with confronts and keep my composure, avoiding twitching or moving.

“It improved my ability to confront, communicate and heightened my perception giving me better awareness.

“I’ve learned how to control my reactions to bullbait-distractions.  Also, I can get my communications across clearly.  I’ve learned the importance of acknowledgements and how to give a half-acknowledgement instead of ignoring them.

“Despite distractions I can now get certain questions answered.  I learned how to handle originations making communications less confusing and stressful, making sure the cycle of communication can flow with full understanding without any breaks in the links of the chain.

“I also learned that a lot of people lack proper tools of commucination.  They just have obsessive talking disorders and rarely complete one cycle of communication when speaking.”

RHF, John J. Moran Facility, Cranston , RI

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