Soledad State Prison The Way to Happiness

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Young man enjoying sea and happiness

On The Way to Happiness Course…

It was December 2002, just before Christmas, when I was first introduced by a friend about The Way to Happiness. After he explained it to me I was eager to start my journey to happiness. Now it’s time for me to pass on my teachings.

I first would like to give special thanks to my supervisor for guiding me in the right direction when I got a little off course. Allowing me to make that adjustment and to really grasp the fruits that were being offered, truly sent me on to a road to happiness.

As I continued to travel and tighten up any loose ends, my confidence and self-esteem along with my pride also grew – and grew. I can really say that the only way one can enjoy the true meaning of wisdom is through experience.

This course has that and many, many other gifts for those who are willing to just make the change for themselves and eventually others. Right at the start people start to see the change that’s a part of you. Criminon has this to offer anyone who is ready to make that sacrifice. I personally will pass this course along to others, especially family and friends, in or out of prison.

Soledad State Prison, California

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