The Way to Happiness Correctional Institute Connecticut

By Published On: June 7th, 2020Tags: , 0.8 min read
Young man smiling while enjoying a sunny day

When I first heard about the Way to Happiness Course I was skeptical. But a friend recommended that I read the booklet.

Once I started reading,  I realized the way I was living my life was not for me. I was miserable, depressed and lonely. I started to examine my past and i didn’t like or recognize the person I had become.

So I immediately wrote to Criminon to request my own course. Once I started to apply the rules and virtues taught in the course I noticed a change and others noticed too. People became more friendly and I realized that I was the one keeping them away by my actions.

Life to me has become worth living. I now don’t mind getting up in the morning to face the day and I feel an inner peace and happiness. I can now hold my head high.

C.T., MacDougall Correctional Institute, Connecticut

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