The Way to Happiness Cheshire Correctional Institute

By Published On: June 7th, 2020Tags: , 0.7 min read
Man walking up the stairs

Soon following my completion of this inspiring and life altering course I was challenged by the authority in which I am susceptible to everyday. By their degrading actions I still was able to find a glimmer of good within them, and that tiny glimmer helped me to maintain my civility.

This course has increased my vision into every soul and situation that is placed before me, inspiring me to see the good qualities of a particular instead of just the bad qualities. I now have an increased knowledge of the moral and ethical code in which to proceed in life.

I am thankful for that because I can now recognize the correct path to take, in which I now proceed down with the utmost confidence, without any fear, because I know that God is walking within me.

S.S., Cheshire Correctional Institute, Connecticut

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