Success – K.J. – Lorton Virgina

By Published On: May 7th, 2020Tags: , 0.9 min read
Mexican man after the Criminon Program

Upon completing the communication course I have accomplished one of the biggest wins of my life. At one point in my life I thought that I truly knew everything about communicating with people, but I was wrong. By way of this program and its discovery and through the instructors and material that’s provided I have learned one of the most important and required tools there is in order for one to get along with people; not only family members and friends but anyone you will come into contact with in the future, after developing these skills. Good communication is very important and it can make everyone’s life better if they’re armed with these skills. After completing this course I’ve already recognized the change in the way I communicate with people and how I can help them communicate with me better as well. This is a great course and I think that every-one should be taught these skills, because to me, communication is what makes the world go round. The lack of proper communication can screw up any situation.

Thanks, Criminon!

Inmate, Lorton, VA

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