Criminon Expansion in Jakarta, Indonesia With a New Class

By Published On: July 13th, 2020Tags: , 1 min read
Criminon Indonesia

Soeistanto Pudji Djatmiko, the head of narcotics education at the prison officially graduated the Criminon Rehabilitation Class and presented certificates to 29 Students. During the ceremony, 36 new students began the journey to a happier life without drugs. In his remarks, Soeistanto hoped that students who had undergone rehabilitation programs at the Jakarta Narcotics prison were truly free from Narcotics and those who had just started the program were expected to be serious and to seriously undergo and follow the programs given in Lapas.

“Free from the Dark Circles of Drugs is indeed difficult, but addicts can certainly be free from the dark circle of Drugs, as long as they have the intention, willingness and persistence from the bottom of their hearts to be free of drugs”, said Djatmiko.

“I never thought I could get out of the bondage of narcotics, but with this criminon rehabilitation program I tried to get rid of the snares of drugs”, Said MA, a recent graduate.

Cheerful and optimistic faces stare at a new life without narcotics radiating from students who have finished undergoing criminon rehabilitation programs and radiant persistence rays from the faces of criminon students who will attend criminon rehabilitation classes at Class IIA Narcotics Prison in Jakarta.