Successful Parenting for Anyone

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Happy father and two children playing on the beach.

Parents are the first teachers of children. Most parents learn parenting skills from what their parents did (or didn’t do). Unfortunately, this is not always the best model to go off of. That’s why Criminon offers the Successful Parenting Skills course, to teach individuals how to raise children from babyhood through adolescence so that their children can learn the value of honesty, what it is to be a productive and valued member of society, as well as how to live a life with happiness and love. Here are some success stories from inmates who have completed the Successful Parenting Skills course.

I Wish I Would Have Done this Course When I Was a Free Man

I wish I would have done this course when I was a free man out there and was raising my kids. I have learned so much from this course. This course teaches you how to mold your child into a productive person in society when they get older. Most importantly it teaches you how to deal with children when they are in a crisis which then makes you a better parent.

This course teaches you how to mold your child into a productive person in society when they get older.”

Again, I wish I had this knowledge years ago. What a great course.

All of the three courses offered by Criminon of Maine are excellent courses. The courses offer knowledge that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to get started on the next course.

Thank you to my supervisor. She always makes sure that we succeed. She sets us up for success and not failure. You’re awesome!!! Thank you to the entire staff of Criminon. You give us a chance to succeed.

Pendleton C. F., Pendleton, IN

This Course Will Be a Definition of Essential Skills

What I have learned from completing this course will be a definition of essential skills in taking care of the needs of a child if I do decide to one day become a parent.

The physical, mental and emotional needs of a child are very important in their journey through life to grow up as happy, healthy and stable individuals willing to contribute to today’s society. Communication and guidance, proper nourishment and attention to the child’s needs as well as being there to listen and help them will greatly impact their overall growth, maturity and well-being throughout the child’s life.

John J. Moran Medium Security,
Cranston, Rhode Island

This Course Was Informative

This course had a few good things in it that I liked. It was very informative to know how to make a bottle that’s very good and is fairly easy to make if you’re on a slim income.

Also had a better understanding of why we shouldn’t make the “oh my god” sound when a baby gets hurt because it teaches a baby how to get your attention in a negative way.

John J. Moran Medium Security,
Cranston, Rhode Island

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