Parenting Course Wins from Criminon of Maine

By Published On: June 16th, 2020Tags: , 1.3 min read
Happy father with son

Successful Parenting Course

“Even though I don’t have any children, this course has helped me learn how to care for a child. I think all people who are going to have a child should learn this course.”



“I was impressed with the booklet and wish I read it when I had young children. I forwarded it to my son who is now a recent father.

“I especially found ‘tell me about it’, just calling their names in times for danger and not telling them to take care of their toys interesting. On my next visit, I will discuss with my son his opinion and thoughts on the book.”

—Student wished to remain anonymous


“Anyone who has or is having a child should study this course.”

“I’ve learned a tremendous amount of facts and data from the Parenting Course. It’s helped me with situations I didn’t know how to handle and gave me the knowledge to become a better parent to my children right now. You can use this data immediately and I have. Anyone who has or is having a child should study this course.”



“I learned a lot from the Parenting Course. And even though I don’t have kids, I will be using the information I learned when I’m dealing with my nieces and nephews.

“I think instilling good working habits in kids is very important because it helps to establish a positive productive balance.”


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