Solano State Prison, Overcoming Addiction

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The Handling Drugs Course provided by Criminon is outstanding. Having had personal experiences with drugs there was nothing more enlightening than having the technical terms of these experiences explained in such an understandable way.

As soon as I started to study the materials in the course it was as if scales had fallen away from my eyes. I was so impressed that I rushed to share this enlightening information with others I knew who could relate to the effects of drugs. There is nothing like understanding why you or someone else acts the way they do.

The Handling Drugs Course not only answered the question ‘why addicts behave the way they do,’ but also informs you in-depth how to help an addict recognize that he has a problem with drugs. Help with the withdrawal – with mental exercises, nutrition and the cleansing of the body. There is even information to help addicts reclaim their self-esteem and their self-worth.

Powerful stuff! Some of the most informative and useful material I have read.

R. T.
Solano State Prison
Vacaville, California

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