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My life is full of joy since I started taking these courses.

My name is Patrick. W, 29 years of age. I am incarcerated in Texas at the Price Daniels Unit! I am writing to address those of you who have not taken the Way to Happiness Course, to strongly encourage you to give it a try and never give up!

The course has really helped me change my life for the better, the way I think and act!! I am a person who never felt like I was in the wrong for anything, and have done some of the most prohibited crimes by law!

I am not happy about any of the foolish mistakes on my part and I wish I could change them all, but I can’t! That’s what I thought before taking the course! This course has taught me that I have hope, I can make a new start, and I can undo the negative things I have done by overpowering them with better choices for the rest of life!

This course has made me look back into my past and see what a fool I made out of myself doing all the stupid illegal things I like to do! I always use to try to justify my every action by trying to put the blame on others saying I was provoked!

I know now that I control my own actions, and I can walk away from any bad situation that may arise in life and swallow my pride! Pride makes us as humans do stupid things at times. Pride also makes us miss out on some of the best things in life for us! I have learned to bury my pride using this course and how to deal with people peacefully in an immoral environment!

I am an example of someone who has changed using this course! When people see me, they will see a success story!! I almost gave up on the course because it was pulling out feelings I did not know were there. I was actually hurting because I thought the book was speaking down to me being that I have done basically every negative thing the course talks about!

With a supervisor who never gave up on me, I kept going and realized the course was saying, despite what I have done in my past, there is not a single person alive who cannot start a new beginning!

I feel like I am somebody now, and not just something thrown behind barbed wire away from society! In my future, I can actually see the road to happiness now, and I plan to stay on the right road.”

Texas, Price Daniels Unit

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