Feedback and Success Chuckwalls Valley State Prison

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The Way to Happiness Course

“The Way to Happiness course has been a very important part of my daily life. Since I started this course I can say with confidence that I became a better more tolerant person. I’ve used the virtues in my everyday interaction with those I come in contact with.

“Enrolling in this program, I must say was one of the most vital decisions I have made thus far since beginning my prison sentence. I was always of the opinion that there must be some other way to deal with matters that affected my life in a negative way, that I was intent on finding out what that could be. For me, Criminon was the missing link. I started this course with some reservations as to how I can really use what I am learning to make a difference in how I look at things.

“I would like to believe that as a result of what I’ve learned, I am now a better person. Completing the course was another milestone for me. I was so eager to finish that I had to redo the final portion of the course. Doing this part over opened my eyes to some new avenues of this program, that I would have otherwise missed if I had not been told that I needed to be more specific as to what the questions are asking me to do. That was the turning point for me and learning how to apply the entire concept of The Way to Happiness course.”

—P. D., Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, CA

Communication Tools Course

“Thank you Criminon. Because of your Communication Tools Course, I am able to understand communication and its cycles better. Learning effective communication is an important factor in a successful life. Effective communication has so many benefits in life. Your course has helped me understand and use effective communication skills. The drills found in the course are great practice for improving communication.

“Thank you again and I am grateful for your course.”

—M. S., Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, CA

Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Course

“My main reason for taking this course “Understanding and Overcoming Drug Addiction” is for the purpose of getting a better and overall understanding so that I’m better prepared to help others with their addiction and drug problems.

“My goal is to help young people get off and stay off drugs. As a result from taking this course, it has enhanced my understanding of the dangers of drugs and has given me ideas on how to deal with drug problems.

—M. S., Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, CA

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