Success – K.O. – Orange County Female Jail

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Happy mother with a child after Criminon

I had been incarcerated nearly three months when I was first introduced to Criminon. At that time I was depressed and angry, hopeless. All there was to lose, I had lost – or so I thought.

As I completed The Way To Happiness Course, I began to realize what was important to me. I have now learned a healthier, more productive way of viewing life and in doing so, my priorities have shifted.

I no longer sleep all day, survive on junk food and caffeine, or react with violence and suspicion. As I began applying the things I’ve learned from these courses, my entire world changed. I had been very unhappy in my own skin, so I was treated as such.

Now, although I still occupy the same 8 x 12 cell twenty-two hours a day with little sunlight or human contact. I treat each day as an opportunity to grow instead of a trial to be endured. I keep a schedule – wake-up and make my bed, clean my cell, study. I work-out and have completely changed my eating habits. I’ve stopped cursing and feeling bad for myself. Essentially, I have made the choice to begin living in the solution. This course encouraged me to realize I have made some mistakes – BUT I AM NOT A MISTAKE.

I have worth and ability and I can become anything I put my mind to.

I believe my life has changed and that this course has brought me confidence and self-worth.

K. O.
Orange County Female Jail

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