Breaking the Circle of Negative Behavior

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The Way to Happiness Course Is the Key

A section of the course that gave me greater insight was “Be Competent” – in particular, the line, “Criminals cannot learn,” which I centered on and was initially taken aback by it until I reflected on the message within the topic itself! I never thought of my past behavior in that context—that criminals do not learn, and as a result, the negative behavior was a circle. I am grateful for courses, like the Criminon courses, that give me a better understanding of how and why my past actions impacted my life, my family and society, and that I am continuing the process to learn the hows and whys!

Also, I have applied the topics from The Way to Happiness in my everyday life and interactions with others. The various concepts in the book are reflected in my daily interactions, and in return, I can sense benefit while I do my best to apply them.

MCI Norfolk, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Looking to Lead Others to a Better Way of Life

Like I stated in this course, I’m working in a Culinary program in Norfolk prison. I’m the baking tutor. This course has taught me a good deal about myself and also to look to lead other people to a better way of life. Not always looking for an angle.

I’m calmer when dealing with people. I try not to snap an answer to a question; more or less, think before I speak. That’s making me more thoughtful. So, I appreciate that more than I can say.”

MCI Norfolk, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Just a Blessing

What this course has done for my life in so many ways is just a blessing.

For a person in prison striving to transition his/her life for the better, this was needed and highly appreciated. Thanks to Julie for assisting me through this whole course. The positive results I’m receiving have/are helping with the positive results of my music, better interaction with family/friends, a better understanding of life, love, belief, respect for others, compassion, dignity and integrity. This course has taught me all these things and more. Thank you.

E.I., New York

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