Getting Back on the Right Track in New Zealand

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Happy Australian man at the bitch with his pug.

This course was very helpful to me and my well-being. I have learnt many new things about myself and others. This course has changed how other inmates and staff see me, I have a more happy nature and better morals. I have become a much happier person and have passed on my booklets to others.

Thank you, Team.

Shane S.  – 2 May 2019

This course has put me back on track. I’m slowly gaining my common sense values back each day I practise them I got myself up to be able to live a stable, productive, happy life. I am looking forward to the next courses because I know they will only add to my understanding of purpose in life and the positive direction I have been enabled to take. This course has helped me see what really gives me happiness, free my mind and start making a new beginning.

Andrew. W. – 29 January 2019

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