Criminon United Kingdom Results

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Criminon United Kingdom Volunteers

Service-User Questionnaires

Over the last couple of years Criminon has surveyed its beneficiaries to find out what difference has been made to their lives and how they rate Criminon as an organisation in terms of the help provided.

The charts below show some of the outcomes of this survey based on 488 responses.

Charts - Criminon United Kingdom Results

“Helped me positively with my negative thoughts of self-harm and suicide. I feel I have someone to write to who will listen and help with good advice.”

“It gave me something to focus on and work toward in one of the lowest points of my life. It helped me to give my life purpose again.”

“Doing these courses has helped me to structure my prison life, I am organised, I plan things and truly believe that these courses have put me in this positive way of thinking about myself.”

Chart - Criminon United Kingdom Results

“It has helped me to realise I can study by myself. It is not part of a sentence plan that has to be done.  I choose to do it. In that respect it has allowed me to make my own choices. This has greatly increased my confidence and self respect.”

“It has given me something constructive to learn as I want to work for ex-prisoners and try to introduce some back into school as well.”

“Encouraged me to start a diploma in addiction counselling.”

Chart - Criminon United Kingdom Results

“I have benefitted from doing courses with Criminon. Before my life was bleak. My life changed the day I filled in the referral card and keeps getting better.”

“It has allowed me to complete my sentence plan and move on to a cat D prison.”

“I’ve used the things I learnt in my role as Rapt Peer Supporter, Safer Prisons Rep and Behaviour Mentor.”

Barcharts - Criminon United Kingdom Results

“With the support I have had from Criminon I will be able to stay drug free for the rest of my life.”

“Yes I will never do drugs again and I came off my depression medication after doing the understanding addiction course.”

“To accept I had a drug problem and to overcome it.”

“To understand what drugs do to you and what symptoms to look for.”

Piechart - Criminon United Kingdom Results

“My tutor has been very supportive and helpful and a great asset to your service.”

“Overall I feel that the courses have been excellent for me on many personal levels. I am so glad that I decided to take part in the courses.”