Learning Morals for a New Life with Criminon of Maine

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The Way to Happiness Course delivery at Criminon Maine, Cranston

The Way to Happiness course replaces the “criminal code of conduct” by teaching common-sense values that anyone can use to live a stable and productive life and, most importantly, to regain and maintain self-respect.

Success Stories

“I’ve learned that over the course of this program that change is possible, I’ve learned that by following the precepts throughout The Way to Happiness booklet you can make positive changes in your life. All I have to do is practice and learn along the way just how the virtues we apply in our lives work. I’ve found that I have become more confident and I’ve regained a renewed and refreshed outlook concerning life and how it can be lived. I’ve learned that everything in my life there has been choices and even though I’ve made a lot of bad ones, I still have plenty of time to make a lot of good ones.”



“For all of my adult life I have been searching high and low for a common sense philosophy to help me live life on life’s terms. Let’s face it, my thinking got me where I am today — in prison. Through Criminon’s The Way to Happiness course, I have found a blueprint which has helped me recover my self-esteem, and I have every reason to believe my life will continue to get infinitely better because of it.

“This course has taught me so many useful and valuable lessons. I’ve learned how to think about the consequences of my words and actions before I act out in a destructive, impulsive manner, and today I’m motivated to constantly strive to keep a positive attitude, even when the unpredictable twists and turns in life abound. I used to stew in a mire of negativity and pessimism about the world and to blame other people and external factors for my unhappiness. The Way to Happiness has awakened me to the reality that I alone am responsible for my own happiness. I know I can persevere in the face of adversity because I believe in myself and the mentors I developed at Criminon. I no longer fear change — I embrace it. It’s never too late to change and today I know this to be true through experience.

“Occam’s Razor* states that ‘all things being equal, usually the simplest explanation is the correct one.’ Don’t let the simplicity of The Way to Happiness fool you! It works!

“Good things are beginning to happen to me, and freedom’s so close I can almost taste it! I can’t help but think that the lessons I’m taking are helping me in ways I can’t even explain.”


*Occam’s Razor: William of Occam discovered a basic scientific method which states “of two competing theories or explanations, all other things being equal, the simpler one is to be preferred.” The “razor” part is the “shaving off” of all the excess not needed for the solutions.


“I enjoyed this section and have applied many of the virtues into my life and my aunt’s. (building walls)
Being in jail I have really applied the section of respect other’s religious beliefs.

“I see a lot of ways to apply this course and I thank you.”



“After completing this course I felt very enlightened by the lessons I came across in the booklet The Way to Happiness.

“The insights that I have acquired are things that I need to continue to apply until they become part of me.

“Time only will tell how productive this course will be.; But as of right now I can honestly say, ‘It’s like love at first sight’. Now it is up to me to build on the skills I have learned and wait for the positive results.

“I know they will come.”



“What I learn(ed) in this Criminon Program. So far I’ve learned how to stay happy and how to treat others.  I’ve learned that life is a valuable thing and it is a shame if I let it go to waste.

“Through this program so far I learn(ed) how to be clean, respect others, and believe in myself.”



“Dear Program,

“At first I was somewhat skeptical of what I could get out of doing this Criminon program, but to my health, both physical and mentally, I really learned a lot!

“Before I signed for this program I had no ambition to do anything and my time was at a standstill, but not long after I began this first course The Way to Happiness, things turned around for me. I can’t say I was doing better before I started this program, but I can say I feel so much better about myself and the way I look at life holds more promise than before. I since have started the 3-month Spectrum Drug/Alcohol-Criminal Addictive Thinking program, and I am happy to say, almost complete with the Ameri-I-can program.

“I believe I owe it to myself for my effort and the Criminon of Maine for being there.”



“I feel that in doing The Way to Happiness Course I have found some things that I simply overlooked in the past. I always heard some of these basics, like not doing drugs, taking care of oneself, and treating others equally, but I really didn’t apply them; I guess because I’m the type who has to make things complicated in order to live!

“I feel The Way to Happiness has made my life a little easier because a lot of trouble is avoided when you live with integrity and love and respect others.”

“After doing this course, I’ve begun to think about others before I act or say something that may offend that person. I now see that a lot of times I thought that my thoughts and beliefs were all that mattered, almost like I was above other people. I don’t think I ever really thought myself better than others, yet I did think that I knew more than I really did. I feel that sometimes I may have actually disrespected or angered others by not listening to them or respecting their opinions. I feel The Way to Happiness has made my life a little easier because a lot of trouble is avoided when you live with integrity and love and respect others.

“Also the final chapter of the booklet, the epilogue, was also powerful for me because it speaks of there always being an opportunity to map a new road in one’s life, and I have begun to travel on a new and improved road and I have faith that my happiness will be found. Thank you very much.”



“In the Way to Happiness, I learned a lot about structure and morals.  This course taught me not only to survive but to help others around me…it also taught me the importance of caring for my environment.

“The values and morals that were emphasized also brought a light of importance to me, even though I’ve already known of them to see them on paper and give them thought re-established their importance.”



“I feel that by my participation in the Criminon Workshop Course of The Way to Happiness has helped my by enhancing my coping skills which, in turn, gave me the opportunity to get involved in discussions in group during class. But also by the knowledge I’ve gained I’m much better prepared to help others outside of the class.”



“Desde que me emborbi en el programa de Criminon yo e podido acomplejar siertas cosas que no conosia aserca del balor del ser humano.
Gracias Crimonon por este programa.”


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