Students Succeeding in US Correctional Facilities

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“What a wonderful way of life. Drugs can and will destroy any chance of success or happiness to anybody’s life. I always thought them to be the cure to all my problems — my sadness, my weakness, my failures, my pain. The drugs kept my eyes closed to the awful effects of what they caused in me.

“I now have been drug-free for some time. I can’t say for sure how many days, but each and everyone is a blessing to me along The Way to Happiness. The road is long and dusty, but I must remain on the path and not alter my course. It is goodness that I seek.

“I now realize that drugs have been the problem to cause the problems that have hindered my stride on the road. Without them, my journey will be straight and true. This alone strengthens my pride and builds my self-esteem.

“Thank you Criminon, your help I shall not forget.”

—D. S., San Juan County Jail, Utah

Personal Integrity Course Course

“The “Personal Integrity” course gave me a lot of insight on ethics and why people often react to certain situations with anger. It gave me the tools to clear up my own transgressions that I’ve been holding onto.”

—A. G., Linolakes, MN

Learning Skills for Life Course

“Upon completion of the “Learning Skills for Life” course, I am able to utilize its valuable lessons to maintain focus. My willingness to learn is something I look forward to instead of dreading it as before.

“Now I approach challenges of life with very little or no stress. This is very exciting for me. I really wish this course was taught to me while I was at least in Junior High School. Maybe if that had happened not only would I have had it easy while going through difficult times in school but it could have helped me help myself out of some awful situations as well. So I hope that it will be considered to introduce “Learning Skills for Life” to our kids of TODAY.”

—F. W., CCWF, California


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