Study Skills for A New Life

By Published On: June 16th, 2020Tags: , , , 2 min read
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Learning Skills for Life Success

“Well, this lesson of Criminon helped me to learn some new techniques I could use when studying.  The Barriers to Study are very important to understand, one misunderstood word could cause a student to “blow”, give up studying the course at hand.  Demo kits are good because they slow things down and you could use pen tops and paper clips to symbolize the actual things you are studying.

“I’m sure this part of the Criminon course will stay with me and help me when studying classes I have coming up in the future.  I can’t wait to apply these skills to real life study.  I have a CCRI (Community College Of Rhode Island) computer class coming up and I will use the study skills I’ve learned.

“Criminon has a lot of great lessons to master to help a person go further in life, it can help you a lot.”



“I have learned that the first step to learning is through duplication.  I will take on my own the next two steps: understand and judgment.  To complete the learning process with no doubt in my mind what I have learned.”



“I recently took a CCRI (Community College of Rhode Island) course just after completing the Learning Skills for Life lessons and I noticed an improvement in my abilities.

“The college course required lots of studying and I was able to apply what I had learned from the Criminon lessons; particularly how to look up words I didn’t understand and it led to a much fuller overall comprehension of the material.  As a result, I managed to achieve a perfect score, which was an “A”.  Something I was very proud of.

“Thank You Criminon!”



“By completing this course of Learning Improvement I’ve been able to enhance my own learning capabilities by better understanding what it is that blocks us from learning what we read.

“It has also given me a means to also teach others in a more efficient way by understanding what is needed for them to learn what I’m trying to teach by giving a more physical demonstration with objects to use as mass and also be developing a demo kit to assist in my tutorial of others who may want to know what I’m trying to teach. Thank you.”


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