Overcoming Addiction at Santa Rosa Correctional Facility

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Overcoming Addiction Course

“The ‘Overcoming Addiction’ course provides a guide, complete with formulas, to therapeutic techniques that have proven to aid in lessening the effects of drug withdrawal symptoms. The coursed teaches a well-rounded approach to the many problems, physical and psychological, an addict experiences during the course of their addiction, underlying causes of their addiction and withdrawal. The knowledge I have gained through this course is invaluable. Thank you.”

—C.W.T., CSP-Solano Prison

“Studying the results of the short term and long term effects of drug use and alternative ways to conquer the use of drugs has assisted me in a long-fought battle. I look forward to leading a drug-free life of happiness and peace.”

—B.L., C.S.P. Corcoran

“My name is Freddie V. I have just complete the Handling Addiction Course. Yes, I am a student and will always remain a student.

“Doing this course I have learned much about drugs. The social unrest in the world today the epidemic of drugs and the damage they bring to the world and oneself.

“Yes, drugs are a poison and they will take everything one owns; will take your life rich or poor.

“Living a life of sadness and weariness is a hard life to live behind drugs.

“A life on drugs is no life at all but a life without drugs is everything to look forward to and that is happiness and life itself.”

—F. V., Corcoran State Prison, CA

“In evaluating all the drug information I’ve ever read, or studied, Criminon’s Handling Drugs course is seemingly the most effective in saving your own life and others. Instead of checking into a facility, the course gives you numerous options that are proven effective to use first. Drugs destroy millions of lives daily, but with the type of information the course is offering, we can help and save more lives.”

—D. J., Santa Rosa Correctional Facility


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