Success Overcoming Addiction Course

By Published On: May 15th, 2020Tags: , 0.8 min read
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I have benefited greatly from this course and given me a better understanding of various drugs, the effects and how to deal with addiction. For me I look at prison as a chance to put some knowledge and something positive in my brain. I became a drug mentor helping people before I knew about this course but appreciate the extra help this course has gave me. It also gave me a different sort of challenge while being bored in my prison cell.

I have recommended Criminon courses to numerous people but it is up to them if they want to make that step as I can’t force people to do it but I always speak in a positive way about the course I’ve done. I am just waiting on a decision on my appeal then once I know how long I’ll be doing I’ll put myself down for another course. Thank you.

HMP Lindholme

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