Transformations in Krugersdorp Prison in South Africa

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Criminon South Africa The Way to Happiness Seminar

“This program was educational.  It dealt with everyday life, things I was fully aware of but did not apply in my life. Alcohol and being unfaithful booked me a place in prison because I was unfaithful. My wife was unfaithful too and I could not take it and shot her 12 times. From the first day I started viewing this DVD it was like looking at myself in the mirror. The only truth is that it came a little too late for me. It would have stopped me and in my tracks, made me look and learn.

“I suggest that “The Way to Happiness” be presented to school children between the ages of 6-21 years and I promise you, some prisons will close down in years to come. Thank you for a wonderful programme and the peer educators were top class.”

E. M Krugersdorp prison “ The Way to Happiness” Workshop.


“I’ve experienced many things while doing “The Way to Happiness” Workshop course from session 1-21. I must take care of myself and I must not take drugs. To be faithful to my sexual partner and helping children from babyhood to the brink of adult life.

“To honour and help my parents and to set a good example for others, seek to live with the truth and I must not murder, including my friends, family not to do anything illegal and not to harm a person of goodwill. To support the government designed and run for all people. To be worthy of trust, to be competent and to look, learn and practice.”

J.S Krugersdorp Prison “The Way to Happiness” Workshop.


“What I have learnt from this course is to interact with other people because it makes me go out there and do those exercises particularly and you hear what other people have to say to you about sensitive issues in their lives. This course taught me not to take things for granted.

“Being honest I feel is the way to happiness because with me being honest and trustworthy are now my first priority.

“Being honest I feel is the way to happiness because with me being honest and trustworthy are now my first priority. I was a person who always liked to do robbery but today I have a different prospect of life. It is in my power to point The Way to a less dangerous and happier lifestyle. Today I am done with crime and I can go and teach other people about the danger of crime.”

S.S Krugersdorp Prison “ The Way to Happiness” Workshop.


“From this workshop, I’ve learned a lot about the Golden Rule. Before making a statement or decision about something, I put my self into other peoples’ shoes. This now makes me make good decisions that help, satisfy and not hurt anyone.
“I’m very much grateful for this course. I thank everyone who was involved in making this course available and accessible to us.”

C.M Krugersdorp Prison “ The Way to Happiness” Workshop.


“I learned something that makes me think about myself. Being industrious is something that is good for everyone who wants to be industrious by not letting yourself down and say it is impossible to be industrious. Another thing is knowing things or have some skills. If you say you know something you have to look at it, learn about it and then practice it. It is then you can say you have the skill of that thing. I have learned about the beliefs of other people you have to respect their religions whether you like it or not, You have to say good things to people and be kind and even when they do it to you, it must be good and try by all means not to offend others by saying things that can hurt them.

“Do not do what you don’t want to be done to you. This lesson taught me something in life. If I don’t want to be treated badly it means I have to treat other people with respect so that they can do the same by treating me the same.”

J. M Krugersdorp prison “The Way to Happiness” Workshop.


“This program helped me to know something that was my problem because there were things that I didn’t understand in life. But now I know how to deal with some things in life but I can follow the way to happiness because I have a direction and now I am fully aware of things in life that can give me simple life.”

H.P Krugersdorp prison “The Way to Happiness” Workshop.

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