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Successful Parenting Skills
Parenting Skills & the Raising & Care of Children

Our parents learned from their parents and most likely taught us those same lessons. Unfortunately, lessons which seem to promote bad behavior or even illegal behavior are also learned in the same manner.

This course offers some real help on how to raise children so that they can learn the value of honesty, what it is to be a productive and valued member of society, as well as how to live a life with happiness and love. The exercises and drills also help the student with how to speak with children, and even how to teach and impart the precepts of The Way to Happiness, so the child may use them on his or her own.

"In this course one can find a guide to better raise, understand and teach his or her child or children. I now understand how to get a child to communicate his/her thoughts and feelings after seeing arguments, disputes, etc. This course helps one to realize that a child is a person too with feelings, emotions and a personality of its own. The course teaches you to allow the child to grow into his/her own person and not to try to dictate a personality to him or her. Children are not to be trained like dogs, they are not puppies, they are little people who will grow up to be our future."


"By respecting others you also gain their respect back. It’s a two-way street. To get, you must first give, and even if you don’t "get" right away, the peace of mind of knowing you have done all you can in a situation is good enough.

"In my opinion, this is a very worth-while course for anyone, especially those incarcerated."

- R.E.C

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