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Criminon - Crime Prevention, Crime Statistics and Criminal Rehabilitation and Reform
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Drug Rehabilitation

Drug abuse and crime are well-established bedfellows. A 1992 report by the United States Department of Justice pointed out that in most cities, more than 50% of arrestees tested for the presence of drugs were found to have used drugs recently.

Over 40% surveyed in state prisons used drugs daily in the month before their current offense.

In one Mexican prison, where 60% of the inmates were heroin addicts, Criminon tackled the problem head on.

The first group of inmates to take part in the program were described as "the worst of the worst." They had been on heroin for up to 25 years, remaining addicted inside the prison where drugs were readily available and used by the vast majority of the inmates. These were men whom the "experts" said there was no hope—hardened criminals condemned to spend the rest of their lives addicted to drugs and dedicated to crime.

As part of the Criminon drug rehabilitation component, the inmates came and stayed off heroin without painful withdrawal and without the use of substitute drugs.

Criminon's Drug Rehabiliation methods are based on the highly acclaimed Narconon program. Narconon and Criminon are affiliated organizations, both being licensed by the Association for Better Living and Education International.

Drug rehabilitation is an important component of the Criminon program. Criminon works in collaboration with Narconon to provide a full array of drug rehabilitation services in our on-site facilities as well as our community based centers.

"Until recently, I have lived my life and based my decisions on one principle, ’If it feels good and it seems right, then do it.’ This principle is not a good way for one to be successful or ensure one’s survival!

"I have discovered a great deal about myself and how to live. I have cried and laughed to myself while doing this course. With the encouragement and genuine care and concern of my supervisor, Kathie, I have found The Way to Happiness Correspondence Course to be the primary source of my new found self-respect, dignity and hope."

- M.D

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Criminon is licensed by the Association for Better Living and Education International.