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Criminon Indonesia

Criminon Indonesia is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in Indonesia. It is licensed by Criminon International to use the crime prevention and criminal rehabilitation technology based on the developments of American writer and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

The officers of Criminon Indonesia are Ms Tuty Melashasih, co-founder and Executive Director and Mr. Aditya S. Hoegeng, co-founder and President.

Criminon Indonesia was set up in the beginning of the year 2002, after senior executives of the Ministry of Justice and the national board of Narcotics of Indonesia requested a training program for a group of their correctional staff.

In November and December 2002, Criminon Indonesia in cooperation with its support organization the Association for Better Living and Education office of Asia, based in Sydney Australia, conducted the first training program for 20 individuals from the Ministry of Justice, Department of Narcotics and Criminon Indonesia itself.

The second training program in April and May 2003, partially funded by the Government of Indonesia, successfully trained 21 individuals to Criminon Course Supervisors.

This training program included an extensive apprenticeship in two of Indonesia’s prisons, where the first 98 inmates were gotten through the basic Criminon rehabilitation courses. The newly trained Indonesian Criminon supervisors successfully taught the inmates the basics of how to study, Communication Skills and guided through the Criminon staple, The Way to Happiness course.

The program was then extended into 6 prisons, run by the Indonesian government staff members.

In the third phase, inmates who had successfully completed the Criminon rehabilitation components and done well, were trained up as Criminon course supervisors, apprenticed and put to work. This proved very successful. Not only did the newly trained inmate-supervisors regain a higher level of pride, feeling needed and seeing they could help others, they were doing very well handling the new inmate-students and economically this was a good solution.


Since the beginning of the program in 2002, Criminon Indonesia has achieved the following:

• 1118 inmates completed the basic Criminon program (3 or four courses each).

• 29 correctional staff completed the basics 3 Criminon courses

• 84 instructors trained, among these 18 Ministry staff, 3 Criminon staff and 21 inmates.

• All inmates who were trained as supervisors and then released from prison after their term was up, returned to Criminon Indonesia, asking to continue to work as instructors, helping other inmates to achieve the same results they had.

• About 33% of all inmates gotten through the Criminon program were released early due to notable changes in conduct.

• Recidivism Rate of Criminon graduates is 1.25%. Of 300 Criminon graduates released, only 4 returned to prison.  The success rate is 98.5%.

Indonesia has 365 prisons and after reviewing the success of the Criminon program in 6 of these, the Ministry of Justice has requested Criminon Indonesia’s cooperation in devising a roll out plan that will eventually bring the program to all of its prison.

The first step in this plan has been launched with one of the prisons being set up a s training academy for inmate-supervisors. So far the first 500 inmates have completed their training and are eagerly awaiting transfer to other prison facilities to implement the Criminon program there. The Ministry of devising a plan, whereby inmates who have completed the Criminon program in any Indonesian Prison and have shown they are doing well and thus are eligible for Criminon Supervisor training, will be transferred to this training prison, trained up to Criminon Supervisor certification and then dispatched out to other prisons in teams to implement the Criminon program.

On request of the Ministry, Criminon Indonesia is expanding its services to include Criminon’s drug rehabilitation components and once the materials are translated and staff trained, will move the program into the 15 special drug prisons.

Success Stories

Ministry of Justice and Department of Narcotics staff training as supervisors:

“There is so much knowledge and valuable experience in this course, even if at the beginning I was confused, because the courses are very, very different from the other courses [I took]. Today is my last day as a student, by Monday we will be supervisors. I am sure this method will affect my life, especially after I read “The Way to Happiness”. I will give my best to share the knowledge with the prisoners and other people around me so they can feel the way I feel today. Thank you to the supervisors, because of you I have this valuable experience and I promise I will support this program.”
- Lia

“I fell a great change in myself after this course. I could be more patient, more careful, I don’t give up easily, I am confident and calm. I really believe I know what I learn to apply in my life and also in the prison, I believe the more I can give my knowledge, that means I am helping myself better and better. The TRs [Training Routines = communication exercises] really, really helped me and Learning How to Learn helped me study. The Way To Happiness and [Overcoming] Ups and Downs in Life really helped me to make my life better than before. “
- Budi. R.

“I feel real change, amazing change inside of me. Now I am more confident, am controlling my emotions better, respect others and I feel so happy about what I have today. “
- Yati

“I experienced amazing progress after joining this course. I am much better than before. Where I was dishonest, I became honest. Where I was stupid, I am now smart. Where I was [dejected], I am now spirited.
Where I was angry, I am now patient. Where I was fooling around, I am now more serious, have more intention and more focus. There are a lot of things that make me proud and happy. A thousand and million wins and happiness are meaningless if I cannot share them with other people, especially with the criminals, so I will share what I already learned with someone who needs it. I promise to myself that I will do the best I can. I came, saw and I WON HAPPINESS.”
- Ray

Successes from Inmates:

“Thank you To the Criminon program staff who helped me and my [study partner] overcome the cravings of drugs. Please do this program continuously.”
- Adi

“Now I understand what is the meaning of life and how to handle the unhealthy life.”
- Budi

“My win is that I can do all the tests well and I feel like my frozen brain is melting and working again. I felt it was difficult to begin with, but now I really understand about the learning process.”
- Wenda

“ Had I known this [data of the Criminon courses] before, I would not have done what I did.”
- Rain

"Since taking this course, I have learned a lot of self-control, something that in my 17th year of incarceration, I did not have...

"Now, after taking this course, I’m able to be in more control of myself and my actions. I'm able to think more clearly before I make any serious decisions."

- R.G

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