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The Way to Happiness Course
Restoring the Individual's Self-Respect

The crown jewel in the Criminon array, The Way to Happiness course is perhaps the greatest tool in reforming criminals and in preventing criminal activity from beginning in the first place.

The course centers on the booklet The Way to Happiness, a non-religious, common-sense moral code consisting of 21 precepts. Each precept deals with a specific area or activity of life, and explains why following such a code of conduct will actually lead to a better life. It is in fact this understanding which helps the individual realize why ethical behavior is the way to lead a happier and more productive life. And when they understand this, they change their behavior themselves.

Each precept on the course is studied to a full understanding, and is followed by lessons and practical exercises and assignments which actively demonstrate how these are used and apply in life. Students on the course also put the precepts to use in their own lives as a major final practical assignment, and actually get to see their workability for themselves.

In effect, this course displaces the "criminal code of conduct" by teaching a common-sense moral code that anyone can use to live a life of stability and productivity, where they can be safe and happy, and most importantly get back and maintain their self-respect.

"The Way to Happiness has really taught me a great deal in the sense of knowing what you really are and owe yourself to be, to have that inner self-respect. There was a time when my life was in shambles and I thought that it was all over for me, and what was I going to do now. Let me tell you, reading a small booklet that was given to me put the gleam back in my eyes and the beat back into a dying heart. Now that I have gained that respect back for myself, others have taken notice and equally awarded me with the respect that was due me. My life has not been this stable in years, even though I am confined, one can still find happiness, with others around him. It's made me show great concern for others and I try to instill friendship and trust and it makes me feel good that now I'm showing concern for others and not just myself. Thanks Criminon for helping to grow my awareness and self-respect.


"This course should be mandatory. It’s turned my life around in a very important manner. The most important change is that it’s allowed me to actually stop using heroin — for the very first time in 16 years!"

- R.T.D

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