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Training & Partnership Programs

Part of Criminon’s task is to make its workable programs available to correctional professionals working in the field. Many organizations and government institutions have created facilities to handle criminals, care for inmates, to help those at risk or those coming out of prisons. It is Criminon’s expressed goal to partner with like-minded organizations and groups and offer its services to supplement ongoing programs.

Criminon has successfully trained correctional officers and educational staff of correctional facilities. Such training programs can be arranged on the premises of the partner institution, in a convention center centrally located or soon in Criminon’s own premises in Los Angeles.

These training programs range from introductory lectures, weekend workshops, to week long seminars and multiple week intensive training.

Criminon training can assist in staff stress reduction, communication skills, motivational interviewing and how to change criminogenic thinking patterns.

"Until recently, I have lived my life and based my decisions on one principle, ’If it feels good and it seems right, then do it.’ This principle is not a good way for one to be successful or ensure one’s survival!

"I have discovered a great deal about myself and how to live. I have cried and laughed to myself while doing this course. With the encouragement and genuine care and concern of my supervisor, Kathie, I have found The Way to Happiness Correspondence Course to be the primary source of my new found self-respect, dignity and hope."

- M.D

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