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Literacy Programs

It is no mystery that the level of literacy has a lot to do with crime and there are several reasons for it, the most obvious being that a person who can’t read well will have trouble finding and holding a job. A less obvious reason is that people who can’t read are cut off from a lot of information that would give them a viewpoint on life and tools to understand and tackle the somewhat complex business of life.

Illiteracy is also a factor in an individual's sense of pride and self-respect.

As far as Criminon is concerned we have a third reason to bring up the level of literacy and that is that the Criminon courses work, but one has to be able to take the course for it to work.

It is has thus become a vital part of the Criminon curriculum to offer literacy classes for those – adult and youth – who need it.

The material has been developed by educators, based on the discoveries L. Ron Hubbard has made about learning and study. The training is done one on one by trained tutors.

Within a few weeks, a person can be brought up from illiteracy to an 8th grade reading level, at which point he would then be able to study the rest of the Criminon courses.

Through Criminon's literacy and learning programs, not only is an individual increased in his reading and literacy level, he is also taught the techniques of how to study. He is then equipped to study any subject and fully apply the data for the rest of his life.

"I have gotten so much out of this course, I have better learned to communicate with my family and friends and have learned to defuse potentially hostile situations with both convicts and guards that I come into contact with every day...

"Thanks to Criminon’s The Way to Happiness course I am well on my way to being able to be a productive part of society upon my release."

- D.G

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