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Criminon - Crime Prevention, Crime Statistics and Criminal Rehabilitation and Reform
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Courses & Services

The Criminon program and its courses can be done by any offender in any setting, location or facility. the regimen of the program is broken down into courses which directly address each of those factors which lead to crime.

One factor that deserves attention is how much actual application remains an intrinsic element of these courses, and is the main reason why they all contain practical drills and exercises. These are what really bring home to the student just why the skills and knowledge taught are so immediately vital to him or her personally. That way, they can embrace such skills and knowledge as their own, and on their own.

To give a better idea of the subjects covered,here is a list of the courses offered by Criminon and a description of each:


>> The Way to Happiness
>> Communication Skills
>> Learning Skills for Life
>> Successful Parenting Skills
>> Understanding & Overcoming Addiction
>> How to Deal with Ups and Downs in Life
>> Personal Integrity Course
>> Improving Conditions in Life


>> Literacy
>> Drug Rehabilitation

"I have gotten so much out of this course, I have better learned to communicate with my family and friends and have learned to defuse potentially hostile situations with both convicts and guards that I come into contact with every day...

"Thanks to Criminon’s The Way to Happiness course I am well on my way to being able to be a productive part of society upon my release."

- D.G

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