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Help Create a Safe and Free Tomorrow
Become a Criminon Sponsor

If there was NO CRIME in your environment, how would that affect your life?

Would you support a program that handled the source of criminality in your environment?

Of course you would.


We deliver courses and programs to inmates in 30 countries around the world.

The CRIMINON program dramatically restores hope, decency and safer environments.

We work with at-risk youth and take an active role in community crime prevention activities.

CRIMINON graduates routinely return to their communities as ethical and productive citizens.

We have implemented our uniquely successful programs across prison systems of entire countries.

More than 16,000 people participate in CRIMINON programs weekly.

Yet there is still a tremendous amount to be done, including Judicial Reform that supports rehabilitation and correction for real.

YOUR support is vitally needed in order to carry out the tremendous scope of this task: a world where there is NO CRIME.

Become a CRIMINON Sponsor today.


Criminon Results & Success Video

Watch an 8 minute video with successes from graduates of Criminon courses and with endorsements of the Criminon program.


The Criminon Program Evaluation: Phase I

The Urban Institute

Utah Juvenile Court Case Study


The Criminon Program in Honduras

The Criminon Program White Paper

"By respecting others you also gain their respect back. It’s a two-way street. To get, you must first give, and even if you don’t "get" right away, the peace of mind of knowing you have done all you can in a situation is good enough.

"In my opinion, this is a very worth-while course for anyone, especially those incarcerated."

- R.E.C

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