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Criminon - Crime Prevention, Crime Statistics and Criminal Rehabilitation and Reform
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What is Criminon's Relationship to the Church of Scientology?

Criminon is an independently incorporated organization and is licensed to use Mr. Hubbard's social betterment methodologies, including drug rehabilitation and criminal rehabilitation methodology.  Mr. Hubbard did extensive research in this field and we are privileged to have the license to utilize his findings.

Criminon programs are available to anyone regardless of their religion or belief systems.

Criminon is very happy to have the support of the Church of Scientology because, like many other religions, its members are very involved in community betterment programs and participate as volunteers.

Criminon is licensed by the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), a non-profit corporation recognized as tax exempt under the 501(c)(3) status of the Internal Revenue Code. ABLE works to ensure that the social betterment methodologies of Mr. Hubbard are standardly and properly applied in accordance with the licensing agreements for their use. ABLE also acts to ensure that social betterment corporations such as Criminon are provided with the compilations of Mr. Hubbard’s materials necessary for them to accomplish their social mission and to promote the benefits of Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries in these areas.

Criminon is not licensed to use and does not utilize the religious writings and technologies of Mr. Hubbard. It has the secular purpose of eradicating the scourge of crime which plagues and, often, terrorizes our societies.

"I have gotten so much out of this course, I have better learned to communicate with my family and friends and have learned to defuse potentially hostile situations with both convicts and guards that I come into contact with every day...

"Thanks to Criminon’s The Way to Happiness course I am well on my way to being able to be a productive part of society upon my release."

- D.G

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Criminon is licensed by the Association for Better Living and Education International.