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Criminon - Crime Prevention, Crime Statistics and Criminal Rehabilitation and Reform
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About Criminon International

“The rehabilitative technology employed by Criminon will some day soon be utilized by prison systems worldwide, as such methods represent the only true workable means to handle the burdensome criminal populations.”

Robert F. Henderson
Correction Captain New York State
Department of Correctional Services

Originally established in New Zealand in 1972, Criminon has been delivering courses and workshops to inmates and to clients and staff involved in the correctional system in the United States since 1989. Criminon currently is providing drug education, life skills programs and self-study courses to over 8,600 students internationally each week.

The Criminon program for clients includes life and thinking skills and educational courses as well as a full drug rehabilitation component in non-institutional settings.  Criminon has programs designed for diversionary/probation, incarceration and re-entry/ parole settings.

Criminon is currently working in over 1700 institutions worldwide. Well over 10,000 inmates have completed a Criminon course.

There are active Criminon programs in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Indonesia, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain and Russia.

Types of Criminon program applications:

- Prevention
- Diversion
- Adult Correspondence
- On-site Adult Programs
- On-site Juvenile Programs
- Transitional/re-entry programs—residential or day community centers
- Training programs for those working in the criminal justice field

We are flexible in our delivery, using the format most suitable to any specific facility, environment or resources.

"This course should be mandatory. It’s turned my life around in a very important manner. The most important change is that it’s allowed me to actually stop using heroin — for the very first time in 16 years!"

- R.T.D

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Utah Juvenile Court Case Study


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