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Criminon - Crime Prevention, Crime Statistics and Criminal Rehabilitation and Reform
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Criminon's Goals

  • To reduce recidivism by rehabilitating individuals in the criminal justice system.  This is done through effective education and morals programs that restore self-respect and enable individuals to return to the workforce as useful members of society.
  • To break the cycle of the revolving door of incarceration and reincorporating by effective inmate programs that address the real underlying reasons for criminality. 
  • To provide programs which provide workable alternatives to incarceration and which direct "at risk" youth to more productive activities.
  • To bring about in individuals ability and competence where the individual has a sense of his own dignity, worth and integrity and where the person is sufficiently empowered to continue to learn and develop.
  • To create a healthier more productive society, composed of responsible individuals and stronger families.

>> Our Mission Statement

"By respecting others you also gain their respect back. It’s a two-way street. To get, you must first give, and even if you don’t "get" right away, the peace of mind of knowing you have done all you can in a situation is good enough.

"In my opinion, this is a very worth-while course for anyone, especially those incarcerated."

- R.E.C

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