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What Does Criminon Use in Addition to The Way to Happiness?

There are numerous factors which may have contributed to a person’s descent into criminality. Among these are lack of basic literacy skills, lack of skills for communication and relationships, and a lack of an knowing how do deal with those individuals and situations which cause severe stress and anti-survival pressures in one’s life. Oftentimes, such factors must be addressed in order to supply the individual with the tools he or she needs to attain stability in life.

Criminon programs incorporate handlings for these and other elements, using specific methodologies devised by L. Ron Hubbard to address such difficulties. The specific programs will vary according to the needs of the individual or the particular group situation in which the Criminon program is being administered. All Criminon programs use The Way to Happiness as their core element to restore a person's self-respect.

"This course made me sorry for every wrong thing I have ever done to anyone. It made me cry. I will always hold this course, and the principles therein, with high regard. After completing this course, the great thing that could happen to me would be the opportunity to apply the course’s teachings amongst the free, that before I died -- someone in society would say,’David Turner was a good man.’"

- D.T

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