Criminon White Paper

The Criminon Program White Paper

The Criminon Program White Paper Presented by Criminon International


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Criminon:  A Program Making Criminal Rehabilitation Possible

Actual rehabilitation of criminals is often regarded as the unreal wish of the “do-gooder” or as a good idea in theory but one which falls far short in practice – when one is faced with the reality of hard core, repeat offenders and with individuals whose lives present a picture of repeated anti-social acts and whose pattern of conduct throughout their lives raise the question of whether there exists a positive state to which the person could be rehabilitated.

Criminon Mission Statement:

  • To address those factors which produce and precipitate criminal behavior
  • To restore common-sense values
  • To provide educational tools and life skills, including effective literacy, to those in need so they may rejoin society as responsible and contributing members.
  • To provide effective drug rehabilitation to offenders and those on probation and parole
  • To assist the criminal justice system to bring about reforms that will accomplish these aims

Yet the rapid and continuing increase in prison population, the return to society of prisoners who, if anything, are confirmed in their negative life-styles through their prison experiences, the high national rates of recidivism, and the huge financial burden which a large correctional budgets place on State governments – all these factors tell us that something must be done to put an end to  the revolving door of recidivism. In order to achieve a reduction in recidivism, effective
rehabilitation programs are necessary.

This paper describes one such program: the Criminon criminal rehabilitation program, its history, what it does, and why it is effective. The paper is intended to serve as an introduction to the Criminon program and to explain where and how the program fits in today’s concerns with achieving the actual rehabilitation of offenders.