This Program Saved My Life

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Overcoming Addiction Course

I have been enlightened in the Overcoming Addiction Course it says we are in a chemically oriented society. I said to myself, WOW! This course has spoken to me in ways that words don’t do it justice.

I was just around a young man who was under the influence. In the course, it says drugs ruin lives. On page three, when it says drugs affect someone even years later when they’re off drugs, Wow! This course is the story of my life. Everyone I know is on drugs except me.

I want to thank all at Criminon, the volunteers especially. It’s been a long time, a long struggle for me, and I held on to these courses.

These courses have been my life. They are my life.

Criminon Program Completion

I hope we can continue, I love you guys. I was on death row for two decades in Connecticut until they abolish[ed] the death penalty. I held to Criminon for dear life.

You guys are my family, and I would love to come and volunteer in any capacity, even if it’s just sweeping and mopping. If I’m paroled, I will visit, and prayerfully, you guys could find some volunteering capacity for me.

“This program saved my life. It kept me up when I was suffering on Death row.”

Please continue with me. Start the course over with me. I’d enjoy doing the course[s] from the beginning and finish and start again. I love you guys. May the Universe give you long life. May God give you all health and peace.

This program saved my life. It kept me up when I was suffering on Death row.

MacDougal-Walker C. I., Suffield, Connecticut

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