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Butterfly Series

Featured artist Ron Higgins has now created a whole series of butterflies. The Criminon Art Project is pleased to announce the release of the Butterfly Series

Whether you call it Prison Art, Inmate Art, Jailhouse Art or Outsider Art, prisoners in our jails and prisons have produced inspiring works which puts the lie to any idea that men and women behind bars cannot recover their lives and cannot become fit to rejoin society.

The Criminon program focuses on the rehabilitation of the prisoner through the restoration of his self-respect. With his regained respect comes increasing respect from others, reversing the dehumanizing process he has experienced up to this point. Criminon students have contributed a number of pieces of art: we will be offering reproductions to the general public. We are actively collecting up more art and encouraging prisoners to express their native creativity.

The Criminon Art Projects has these objectives:

•  To provide a means for prisoners to share their art and help other prisoners.

•  To foster and encourage artistic projects in prisons and jails in cooperation with other like-minded groups, providing support and art supplies.

•  To help change public stereotypes about incarcerated people

•  To raise public awareness on the urgent need and successes obtainable in rehabilitating criminals.

•  To help defray the costs of free courses delivered to prisoners by putting the profits of all sales back into delivering more Criminon courses to any prisoner who requests them. (All artists receive copies of their works for their own distribution as well.)

Our Art Project launches with 4 unique sets of note card that are perfect for gifts or for your own correspondence. The featured artist for the Criminon Art Project initial card series offerings is artist Ron Higgins.

Ron is serving a life term and is currently housed at Pleasant Valley State Prison in California . Starting his sentence when he was 17 years old, Ron has been in prison for the last 29 years. He goes up for parole in three years.

Ron is part Cherokee Native American. He grew up in Indiana .

Ron is an entirely self-taught artist, using colored pencils and ball point pen or roller ball pens for the black backgrounds. He usually draws from memory or from what he has seen on nature TV shows --when he has access to television.

Often locked down 24 hours a day, Ron draws on a table in his cell, when lighting permits. His drawing affords him great peace especially when he knows he is helping others. His goal is to bring a smile to the viewers' faces.

Ron has been a student of the Criminon program since 1998 and has done all the Criminon courses. He personally has signed up more than 500 other prisoners onto the courses and has tutored them through their Criminon courses as well as their GED's (high school equivalency diplomas). He has become a mentor to many younger men.

The spirit of helping he embodies has inspired him to do these drawings for the benefit of Criminon International, to enable more prisoners to be able to take Criminon courses. He asks that you smile as you look at these, as this is his purpose in creating them for you.

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